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May 31, 2014

MH370 again

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I figured I’d post an update on the huge debris field I had found on the tomnod site in March. I pretty well gave up tagging pieces of debris because CNN, Fox, and several other news agencies displayed no interest in it, and because every time I returned to the debris field on the tomnod site, zero people had agreed with my tags.

I had checked it again as recently as two weeks ago, only to find that (still) zero people agreed with my tags. All of that changed when I checked it last night. Over four thousand people agree with my tags so far! Take a look (the people who agree with my tags is marked with a red arrow below):


Thank goodness, because with all those other people tagging the same objects, the tomnod people will definitely pursue this.

Let’s see if CNN will continue to ignore it. They once again received an email and a phone call from me letting them know about these latest developments in a promising find that quite possibly is the remains of MH370. They said they’ll look into it. We shall see.


A little while later in the day, a thousand or so more tags from me, and now there are over 10,000 people who agree with my tags and also feel that this is an airplane debris field. Take a look (the people who agree with my tags is marked with a red arrow below) and note that the number is too long to fit on the screen, so the tomnod site represents the remainder of it with dots:


If you’d like to help bring this to the attention of those who need to know, please join in with the rest of us and tag the debris.

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